Water Heating Tap


       Product Details:
Electric Heating Water Tap
The electric Heating Water tap is high temperature resistance,soft and strong. This is not easy to burst,high shape stability.So that the product is not easy to to aging, security is more durable and lasting .
1. Instant Electric water heater Cold and hot mixer tap.
2. 5 seconds instantaneous heating.
3. Fully automatic control.
4. Separate electricity  wall design.
5. Dry burning Prevention.
6. Sink mounted.
7. Magnetized Water.
8. Taps can be used be rotated 360 Degree.
9. When you turn lever to one side, it is cold water and when u turn lever to another side , it is hot water.
1. Temperature 30 – 60 Degrees ( adjustable)
2. Easy to install
3. Waterproof IPX4, Attention: The water temperature is opposite with water flow rate .

* Important
You need to connect with cold water hose and open tap to let cold water flow before you plug into 240V power.





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