USB Multimedia Keyboard Nepali -PKCM2001/N0

700.00 600.00


PROLiNK -PKM3809U USB Multimedia Keyboard is a comfortable and silent touch as you work, elegant design matching with any desktop PC computers. Come with 8 Hotkeys that are designed for quick and direct access to Internet and Multimedia functions to frequently used applications; it saves the time to search manually. Enjoy a drink while you work as this keyboard is designed to withstand an accident spill or splashes.

Just Plug-n-Play, with stylish look and excellent performance, you could be assured an ergonomic solution to help you work harder and longer. Its Striking Orange Key Color allows you to differentiate easily on W-A-S-D and Arrow keys for most of the gaming shortcuts.

Internet / Media Hotkeys
One touch on the button away from the Quick Access to the Internet
Manipulate music/video playback and volume conveniently with hotkeys.

Spill Resistant
withstand an accident spill or splashes

Striking Orange Key Color
W-A-S-D and Arrow keys for most of the gaming shortcuts



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