Spy Pen Camera


Its a digital video recording pen that captures large and clear movies inside an innocent looking pen that really writes. This version of the BPR is for PCs only, and will NOT work on any Apple computers. The DVR Pen records big 720×480 video in the AVI format at 30 frames per second. Clear audio and video makes this pen a winner for Private Investigators, People who Interview or Interrogate, Law Enforcement, concerned parents or anyone looking to gather evidence without drawing attention.

This is one great package, especially if you need a handy and easy way to record meetings, interviews, interrogations, parties, birthdays, weddings, nature, sports events; anywhere you need a small, discrete camera that does not take up a lot of space.


  • 1 Button Recording
  •  60+ minutes of recording time
  •  AVI video recording.
  •  Long Life Li Battery
  •  Upgradable Memory Options
  •  Easy To Carry
  •  Clear Video And Audio
  •  Camera Mounting Base
  •  Battery Powered Field Charging
  •  Great Retail Packaging


  • Video compression: VGA video format, 720 x 480
  •  File type: AVI
  •  Frame rate: 30 fps
  •  Voice recording: Yes, very clear
  •  memory: upgradable
  •  Video file size: 34M per minute approx
  •  Adapter type: DV 5V by USB cable
  •  Battery: Lithium-Ion
  •  Recording time: up to 70-90 minutes
  •  Charging time: About 3 hours
  •  USB interface: USB 2.0
  •  Weight: 42g
  •  Dimensions: 150 mm x 15 mm x 15 mm


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  • Best video quality spy pen
  • Fast charging, high quality. Camera camcorder. dictating with retail box along.
  • Supports micro sd no inbuilt memory.


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