Scooter Umbrella

3,000.00 2,000.00


Scooter umbrella is not like a normal umbrella which we should hold by ourselves with our hand. It is newly designed umbrella that can be fixed in our motor bike / Scooter itself without any problem. It works like a roof top and serve us in various seasons. Scooter  umbrella have made us easy to travel everywhere no matter what kind of rough season is; so, using motor bike umbrella have been really beneficial in our daily life.


Now that motor bike umbrella have been introduced we no longer have to worry about drastic change in season which make us our daily travel in bike scotty difficult. Since it serves like a roof top of our motor bikes, we can be safe form rain. That’s why we don’t need to carry normal umbrella. Not only that is also protect us from sun light and excess heat of sun and work as shade in summer season. In winter season it can prevent us from cold wind since it is windproof and it serve as windscreen of our motor bikes…. In this way there are lots of advantages of motor bike umbrella .



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