Samye Valley Trek

Samye Valley Trek

Considered one of the best treks in Tibet, Samye Valley Trek is a popular way to explore most of prized possession of Tibet in less time that prolongs through the precursor of Tibetan Civilization- Yarlung Valley and travels over the two monasteries at Ganden and Samye, the prominent monasteries of Tibet.
Some of the major attractions of Samye Valley Trek include visiting Potala Palace that stands tall dominating the sky line, the summer palace of Dalai Lamas-Norbulinka Palace, Drepung and Sera Monasteries, the Jokhang taken to be the holiest shrine in Tibet and passing through the bustling street of Barkhor Bazaar stringed with traditional shops to Ganden Monastery or Ganden Namgyeling which is one of the great three Gelukpa University perched atop Wangbur Mountain. Engaging in Kora in Ganden Monastery, crossing the high passes of Shug La and Chitu La and having superb spectacle of looming mountains are yet other alluring reasons to enroll in Samye Valley Trek.
Nexus Travel Tours offer 12days brief itinerary package into the serene realm of Tibet that initiates with an hour long flight to Gongar Airport whence the trail stretches through Tsedang across several pretty villages to Yarlung Valley before winding up at Lhasa, a flight taken whence will lead us back to Kathmandu from where it all started.

Itinerary Outline:

Day01: Fly to Lhasa Drive to Tsedang
Day02: Visit Potala Palace, Sera Monastery and Norbulinka
Day03: Visit Drepung Monastery, Jorkhang Temple and Barkhor Market
Day04: Drive from Lhasa to Ganden
Day05: Acclimatization Day at Ganden
Day06: Trek to Yama Do
Day07: Trek to Tsotup Chu Valley via Shug La
Day08: Trek to Herder’s Camp
Day09: Trek to Wango
Day10: Trek to Samye Drive to Tsedang
Day11: Explore Yarlung Valley
Day12: Dive to Gongkar Airport at Lhasa Fly to Kathmandu

Detailed Itinerary:

Day01: Fly to Lhasa Drive to Tsedang:
Leaving the airstrip of Tribhuvan International Airport of Kathmandu, the flight pursues the trans-Himalayan Route considered one of the most beautiful routes in the world sailing right above Mount Everest (8,848 m) and Kanchenjunga (8536m). Disembarking at Gonggar Airport, you will meet the local tour guide. As soon as the immigration formalities are complete, you will be driven to your hotel in Tsedang through the route with scenic views of Yarlong Tsangpo River, Big Buddha engraving on the hill and colorful prayer flags along the way.

Day02: Visit Potala Palace, Sera Monastery and Norbulinka:
The 17th century Potala Palace with its astounding views of Lhasa city and rich Tibetan architecture is the acclaimed site for photo shooting. The 13stories colossal Potala Palace comprises private rooms, many large state rooms and chapels used previously by Dalai Lamas.
The venerated Sera Monastery established in 1419 on a hillside with a colorful architecture. Sera meaning Wild Rose Garden suggests the growth of wild roses in the area. The collection of Buddhist scriptures, ancient murals, thankas, statues and scriptures written in gold dust, scroll of wonderful paintings and tapestries are the highlights of Sera Monastery.
Leaving Sera Monastery behind, we will pay visit to yet another exquisite marvel of Norbulinka Palace- the summer palace of Dalai Lama with the finest garden in Tibet before heading back to the hotel in Lhasa.

Day03: Visit Drepung Monastery, Jorkhang Temple and Barkhor Market:
Drepung is one of the largest monasteries in Tibet. Drepung built in the 14th century once used to shelter around 10,000 monks but as of now, only a few hundred monks and nuns are living here.
Next, you will stop by Jorkhang Temple that is the spiritual center of the village and the holiest shrine in Tibet. Pursuing the pilgrimage circuit around the ancient streets of the old city near the Barkhor market, you will wind up in the hotel.

Day04: Drive from Lhasa to Ganden:
A drive from east of Lhasa pursuing the 45km long serpentine road through the southern bank of Kyi Chu and passing across Medro Gonkar will lead us to Ganden Valley. Most popular Ganden Monastery is located atop the Wangku Ri Ridge.

Day05: Spare Day at Ganden:
Ganden has got plethora of things to offer to you. Partaking in Kora(walk) circuit around Ganden is one of the prominent things to do while in Ganden. Kora initiates from south west corner of Ganden that is marked by a large cleft stone swathed in prayer flag. Visiting the hills at close proximity is another fine idea to get indulge in the vivid spectacle of the valley.

Day06: Trek to Yama Do:
Heading south from Ganden will lead you to Angor Ri which is the highest point on Gandon Kora. Proceeding forward, the trail then lowers down to Hepu Village before escalating to lush green meadow that opens up in Yama Do.

Day07: Trek to Tsotup Chu Valley via Shug La:
Clambering eastward, the trail stretches through moraines to Shug La Pass that happens to be the highest altitude that you will be treading through while in this trek. Savoring the incredible spectacle of vicinities, you will drop down the peculiarly steep path and traverse Tsotup Chu River to eventually turn up in Tsotup Chu Valley.

Day08: Trek to Herder’s Camp:
Departing from Tsotup Chu Valley, the trail passes through confluence of ravines and surges the inclined path towards a large Valley. Crossing Chitu La, the path lowers down to Herder’s camp with fine clearance on the ground apt for camping.

Day09: Trek to Wango:
Continuing through the verdant woods of juniper and rhododendron that renders shelter to the wildlife, you will pass across the stream and meadows to Changtang Village. Clambering to Yamalung Hermitage, the trail elongates through Village of Nyango to Wango.

Day10: Trek to Samye Drive to Tsedang:
Sauntering through the pleasant way through meadows and woods, the trail spearheads to Pisha. Admiring the spectacular vista of Lower Samye Valley, you will continue the trail through Dragmar Ridge to Sangbu Village which further extends to Samye Valley. Paying homage to Samye Monastery, you will drive through the way offering serene vista of Gangpo Ri to Tsedang which is the third largest city in Tibet.

Day11: Explore Yarlung Valley:
A tyrek on this day will lead to Yarlung Valley which is widely popular as Valley of tombs. Progressing through western flank of Tsedang, the path crosses Tsangpo River and arrive at Samye Monastery which endowed in 779AD was modeled on the University of Otantapuri in India and constitutes several pagodas and temples.

Day12: Dive to Gongkar Airport at Lhasa Fly to Kathmandu:
12th day concludes Samye Valley Trek package as you will be conveyed to Gongkar Airport at Lhasa. An hour of pleasant flight with scenic beauties of Yarlung Tsangpo River, Yamdrok Tso Lake, Kanchanjunga Mountain and Mount Everest taken whence will lead us to Kathmandu.



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