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Buy Nicer Dicer in Nepal
Make Nicer Dicer Plus the friend of your kitichen anad save your valuable time, money and space. Mero shopping has come with innovative Nicer Dicer Plus in Nepal that is a complete multi chopper set. You can now cut any food including fruits and vegetables according to your choice easily with out causing any mess.Nicer Dicer is an advanced kitchen tool that can replace knives, bowls,cutting boards and other items. With this unique dicer,you can cut in11 diffrent ways. Now you can easily slice or dice or cut or wedge or grate and do much more to your food and give it a proffesional look.Slice the cucumber and carrot easily with mandolin slicer.Preparing food had never been so easy before.
Super Slicer,Peeler, Dicer,Cutter, Chopper, exellent build quality with stainless steel                          blades.This machine will replace your mixer, food processor and juicer perfect for chopping                        onions, tomatoes other fruits and vegetables makes chutneys as well and smoothes .
– Easy to  clean
– Saftey lock
– Cut in 11 different ways
– Adjustable thickness
– Extra Sharp Greater
– Interchangeable blades.









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