Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight

It all started on 3rd April of 1933 when two Scots fliers David Mclntyre and Douglas Douglas-Hamilton took the first flight ever above Mount Everest in their PV-3 biplanes with a purpose to prepare a movie entitled ‘Wings over Everest’ that won Oscar in the year 1934.
In the fast paced world, many things have changed since then. Tourism sector has also been able to persistently evolve so as to cope up with the changing global scenario. Exploring in Nepal no more is pinned to mere trekking. Travel companies these days are pushing the limits of Adventure sport that varies from adrenaline drop to the bottomless canyon at bungee jump to hot air balloon to paragliding to ultra flight to kayaking to canoeing to rafting and counting…
To spill the beans regarding a Mountain Flight often regarded as Everest Flight, the exhilarating odyssey sets into motion from Domestic Terminal of Kathmandu as early as 6:30 am to avoid the unnecessary nuisance of clouds that will mar the visibility of Mountains during the day. The airborne passangers are handed the map of mountains with their names that enable them to identify the mountains on their own and make the most out of this hour long sensational flight.
Langtang Lirung will be the first mountain to zoom in tailed by Shishapangma, Gauri Shankar and Melungtse Snow Peaks. The sixth highest Mountain of the world- Cho Oyu will be visible before the enthralling spectacle of paramount of all- the colossal Mount Everest with towering height of 8848m can be enjoyed from the cockpit that renders the view point of pilot, truly worth engaging. Lhotse, Nuptse and several other high and low peaks can be viewed while on return trip back to the premises of Domestic Airport of Kathmandu.
Although Mountain Flight are arranged by all major Domestic Airlines Companies throughout the year, periods from September to May will provide the enhanced visibility of Mountains and will multiply your enjoyment.
Regarded as the Luxury Tour, Mountain Flight is an effective way of having the closest and bird’s eye views of the summits of Mountains without any hassles of oxygen cylinders and perilous trekking. In fact the whole beauty of mountain Flight resides in the close encounter of 26+ mountains in short span of time lasting an hour which nothing



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