Mount Kailash The Holy Land

MountKailash: The Holy Land

The most venerated Mountains in entire Asia, Mount Kailash despite being the spiritual center of four religions namely Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and followers of Bon Pa religion receive only few pilgrims each year as it is difficult to access being positioned in the desolate lands.
For Hindus, Mount Kailash is the physical existence of spiritual Mount Meru where they believe Lord Shiva resides with his consort Goddess Parvati along with several helpers.
Tibetans revere Mount Kailash as Kang Rimpoche while the followers of ancient Bon Pa religion take Kailash to be the soul of Tibet. Mount Kailash is Mount Ashtapada for Jains whence they believe their Saint Rishabanatha achieved spiritual liberation.
Scripture authenticates that a single rotation of Mount Kailash will spiritually purify the devotees by wiping off all the sins committed in this life. Another belief holds that total 108 circumambulation of Kailash Mountain will break us free from the vicious circle of life and death making our soul the liberated one.
Trekking expert from ‘Nexus Travel Tours’ have formulated 14days brief package into the desolated lands of Mount Kailash that gets triggered with drive to Nyalam crossing the friendship bridge in between Tibet and Nepal and pursues through Saga and Paryang to another jewel of Mount Kailash Realm- Manasarovar Lake supposed to have been originated out of Brahma’s mind from where the trail advances through Zutulpuk to Mount Kailash. The return trip back to Kathmandu will be equally exhilarating.

Itinerary Outline of Mount Kailash: The Holy Land

Day01: Drive from Kathmandu to Nyalam
Day02: Rest Day at Nyalam
Day03: Drive to Saga via Pelku- Tso
Day04: Drive to Paryang via Zhongba
Day05: Drive to Manasarovar Lake
Day06: Rest Day at Manasarovar Lake
Day07: Drive to Darchen
Day08: Trek to Dirapuk via Tarboche
Day09: Move to Zutulpuk via Dolma La Pass
Day10: End of Kailash Parikrama Move to Hor Qu at Manasarovar Lake
Day11: Drive from Darchen to Paryang
Day12: Drive to Saga
Day13: Drive to Nyalam
Day14: Drive to Kathmandu

Detailed Itinerary:

Day01: Drive from Kathmandu to Nyalam:
The enthralling drive towards Kodari(Nepal- China border) kicks off at 7am from the Tourist bus Stand near Kantipath. Pursuing the wide paved road of Araniko Highway persistently for about 8hrs will lead us to Friendship Bridge (the Nepal-China border). Traversing the Friendship Bridge, you will be cordially greeted by your Tibetan guide and driver from which point driving for another 3hours through35km picturesque roads surpassing the border town of Zhangmu will lead you to Nyalam.

Day02: Rest Day at Nyalam: 
Acclimatizing to the high altitude of the roof of the world is of chief importance. A day break is taken to avoid from unnecessary evils of High Altitude Sickness. Since doctors usually recommend having casual stroll rather than lying idle, brief exploration around Nyalam can be arranged.

Day03: Drive to Saga via Pelku- Tso: 
Drive through the grime road will lead to the High Pass of Lablung La(5030m). Having the exhilarating views of Sishapangma, Gaurishankar and several other mountains from Lablung La, you will lower down and make way through Khunmen Tso, Singling and Pelkutso Lake prior to crossing Brahmaputra River and entering the premises of Saga at 4640m altitude.

Day04: Drive to Paryang via Zhongba:
Meeting up with the main road from Lhasa, the trail stretches through the boundless arid landscapes to the small Tibetan town of Zhongba which prolongs further to Paryang. Drive of about 8hours should be able to cover the expedition from Saga to Paryang.

Day05: Drive to Mansarovar Lake: 
The drive on 5th day commences with crossing of several rivers that transits through small villages of hospitable natives to arrive at Hore which is a small village that provides the first sight of pristine Manasarovar Lake. We will set our camp at the bank of Manasarovar Lake. Gurula Mandala and Rakshash Lake are other sights worthy viewing while on Manasarovar Lake.

Day06: Rest Day at Manasarovar Lake:
Manasarovar is the most venerated lakes in Tibet. Taking dip in this lake is believed to open the gate of Lord Brahma’s abode (Brahmalok) to the true devotees. 6th day will be dedicated to worshipping and bathing in Manasarovar Lake.

Day07: Drive to Darchen: 
Paying respect to the Holy Lake Manasarovar, you will head out for Kailash Parikrama by jeep. You will be visiting Chui Gompa Monastery prior to setting off towards Darchen where the crew members will set the camp for night.

Day 08: Trek to Dirapuk via Tarboche:
Tarboche which locates itself at mere 8km distance from Darchen is where the trekking facet of Kailash Parikrama initiates. The trail stretches through a tall flag pole adorned with thousands of multi- colored prayer flags to arrive at Derapuk after an engrossing trek of about 5-6 hours.

Day09: Move to Zutulpuk via Dolma La Pass:
Traversing the pasture lands, you will be arriving at Lha Chu Valley that later makes entrance to Drolma Chu Valley to eventually reach the Dolma La High Pass located at 5650m. Lowering down steeply from Dolma La Pass, you will be making way through Yama-Sthal, Shiva-Sthal, Parvati-Sthal and Gauri Kunda to finally arrive at Zutulpuk.

Day10: End of Kailash Parikrama Move to Hor Qu at Manasarovar Lake:
10th day marks the end of Kailash Parikrama soon after we cover 14km long trail. After the culmination of Kora, you will head for Hor Qu located at 4560m altitude at Manasarovar Lake where you will be spending the night.
The trail continues through the Bharka Plain along fascinating gorges and Mani walls to the dusty village of Darchen.

Day 11: Drive from Darchen to Paryang: 
Continuing through the Bharka Plain, the trail arrives at Darchen from where a jeep ride crossing several streams will lead you along the land of Drogpa nomads to Paryang located at 4540m altitude.

Day12: Drive to Saga:
The voyage of 255km long road making way through the dusty town of Zhongba will ultimately turn up at Saga where you will be staying overnight.

Day13: Drive to Nyalam: 
Crossing Yarlung Tsampo(Brahmaputra River), the trail stretches for another 110km with enticing spectacle of Shishapangma and other mountains and passes across Pelkutso Lake and high pass of Lalung La at 5200m altitude to arrive at Nyalam where you will be staying in a hotel.

Day14: Drive to Kathmandu:
Leaving Nyalam, the path enters in and out of the border town of Zhangmu and heads through Friendship Bridge to Nepalese Immigration Control in Kodari where you will be welcomed by your Nepalese staff and transported back to Kathmandu.



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