Inductive Rainbow color cup 6 pcs set


Product Details:
             – Whether bars,discos or a romnatic candlelight dinner, this LED cup can show you various                            dazzling  colorful lights.
–  When the drinks inside the cup also dazzling colorful lights, it is a kind of charm and mystery                        even fresh stimulus feeling!
               – Material: Food Grade Acrylic, PS
– Capcity: 300ML
– Cup diameter: 8cm
– Cup height: 17cm
– Accceptable temperature:1- 60 degree celcious.
– Is Battery included: YES
– Color: Transparent before being lightened
               – The product has 5 colors flash.
–  Lighting duration is more than 24hours continuously
–  The cup is made of PS plastic certified to withstand international FDA food safety
–  Certification and CE ( ergonomically safe voltage)
–  Acceptable Temperature 1-60 degrees.
–  Cannot be frozon in the refrigerator for a long time please stay away from fire.
How to clean up:
– Please gently screw the cup off the base, and then use cotton cloth or sponge to scrub the
– Donot use steel ball or hard cleaning tools.
– Donot use wash dishwasher.
– Donot put the base into water.









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