Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Nepal

Dreamt the possibility of the thrilling extreme sport by a pioneer advisor based in New Zealand, Bungee jumping in Nepal is sensational 160 meter fall down the gorge from bridge to gushing Bhote Koshi River, suspending in thin air with mere elastic cord attached to the body that bestows the electrifying excitement of free fall and the rebound. Reckoned to offer one of the world’s best bungee experience, the dream took the shape of reality as the Swiss expert Team laid down 166m wide steel suspension bridge over the Bhotekoshi River Gorge linking the two valleys that used to part their ways making it the longest suspension bridge in Nepal built so far and it boasts in being the only existing privately owned bridge of Nepal. With Swiss precision, the safety factor for the bridge settles at 4 times the actual weight that should assure you of the safety concern for the bridge.
It is said that we will find the inner peace only when we will overcome everything being an obstacle in the path including fear. So pull yourself together, overcome the fear and delve in eternal peace.
Aptly positioned near The Last Resort, 3hours drive from Kathmandu chasing the Araniko Highway will lead you to the Bungee Jumping Site which exists at 12km distance from Nepal-Tibet border.
For all the curious fellows, here is how the system works:
There are three color coded cords, each representing the three different weight categories. Emptying our pockets, our body weight will be measured before engaging in bungee action. Green, Red and Black color cords denotes the light weight, heavy weight and heavier weight respectively. Our body weight gets stirred into motion once we take a fall from the bridge as the suspension cord will leave us swinging up and down till all the kinetic energy is dissipated.
General health check up is necessary for security measures during which people suffering from heart disease, epilepsy and high blood pressure, people having psychological and neurological disorder and pregnant women and alcoholics and drug users are not allowed to the Bungee Jumping.

Packages include:

The Ultimate Adrenaline Fix: 
It amalgamates rafting or canoeing in roaring Bhote Koshi River with Bungee jumping.

Free- Fall Nepal:
It takes us into the mesmerizing day trek around the pristine and secluded ambience before having thrilling bungee jump.
Go and See:

This package allows the chance to all the dubious minds to simply go and watch others take the chilling jump which might motivate you.
Other packages include: The Ultimate Challenge, Jump/ Swing only, Jump/ Swing and Stay &
Extra Jump/ Swing Value. For further details please feel free to contact us.
Do remember to take T- Shirt with bungee print as you leave to remind you of your boldness throughout the life.



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